New Lyrics Video for you: it's the time of Jackson Torpedo with "Leviathan"

OUT NOW!!! the Lyrics Video of "Leviathan" first production of Jackson Torpedo with BlissCo.
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Yamppier Feat. Fillo out now with "The One For Me" and its Lyrics Video

Watch the new Lyrics Video of "The One For Me" the latest production of Yamppier this time feat. Fillo.
Electro House for all tastes, isn'it?

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"I Believe" of EirikD Vs. Mr. Wood comes out with an involving Lyrics Video

OUT TODAY and available on the BlissCo YouTube Channel the Lyrics Video of "I Believe" the latest Electro House production born from the collaboration of Eirikd, a Norvegian young producer and the talented Italian remixer Mr. Wood.

The song is already on sale on the usual online shops in the extended and radio version.
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