Out NOW! New World Order EDM Compilation

OUT NOW, the New World Order EDM Compilation.
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New World Order EDM Compilation 250


20 And 21 - New World Order [Original Mix]
Alexandra Damiani and Flaremode - Kind Of Magic (Alexandra Damiani and Flaremode original Violin Mix)
Mattway - Now Or Never [Alex Guesta Mix]
Axer - City Of Angels [Alexandra Damiani Original Mix]
Luis Rondina - LOL [Original Mix]
Alexandra Damiani - Carry On (alexandra damiani original mix)
Steeve Lauritano - Arena [Original Mix]
Flaremode - Jack Black [Original Mix]
Boys At Work - Rock Me (original ext mix)
Alexandra Damiani and Axer - Don't Waste Your Gioconda (alexandra damiani ext mix)
J.Nice - Tell Me [mazzoni Remix]
Dome - Every Breath I Take (original ext mix)
Alexandra Damiani Feat. Raphael - Believe In Me (andrea del vescovo Remix)
Tayma - I Have A Dream [Alexandra Damiani Original Mix]
Sing All Feat. Axer - Anthem (steeve lauritano remix)
Plastik Duck - Seize The Night (original mix)
Mattway - Now Or Never [Simon de Jano instrumental Mix]
Flaremode - Going To Miami (sir claude & ale ciani Remix)
40s Mood Feat Meganoidi - L'Artista [Loris B. & Dave Noise Remix]
Simon5 & Michael Monroe - Sweet Melody [Extended Mix]
Aversa - Frequency In The Space [Extended Mix]
Flaremode & Random Guys feat. Mat Twice - Wide Universe (original ext mix)
Mattway feat. Axer - This Is My Life
Alexandra Damiani - Gioconda (alexandra damiani ext mix)


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Artist: Singer & Dealer Feat. Anderson Mele
Album: Morning Move
Label: Blisscorporation
Release Date: Summer 2013 - soon available on all digital stores
Genre: Dance

Out now the VideoLirycsPlus of Morning Move, by Singer & Dealer feat. Anderson Mele
Listen... and read it carefully!
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"Don't Waste your Gioconda" of Alexandra Damiani and Axer included in LOS CUARENTA SUMMER 2013 released by The Saifam Group


Born from the collaboration of the talented and young producers Alexandra Damiani and Axer, "Don't waste your Gioconda", the single released by BlissCo on her label The Dominion, is included in the compilation LOS CUARENTA SUMMER 2013, released today by The Saifam Group Italy.

The compilation is mixed and contains 48 tracks divided into 3 CDS and it's available in Italy.
You can buy it on Self.it HERE