Blue (Da Ba Dee) Mandarin Version is available on BlissCo You Tube Channel

Blue (Da Ba Dee) from Eiffel 65 Marvel’s“IRON MAN 3”

For the Chinese market a special version of the most popular song from Eiffel65 is included in Marvel’s “Iron Man 3”, in theaters May 3, 2013.

Who would have known that Eiffel65’s “Blue”, sung and danced to by people all over the world, would have been included in the soundtrack for the film about a legendary hero like IRON MAN?
...And that for the Chinese market Eiffel65 would have created a new version of the song sung in Mandarin?

It’s a true story. The group received the request to record “Blue” with a verse sung in Mandarin, which is spoken across most of northern and southwestern China, and to deliver it in 36 hours. So starts the race to find a Chinese teacher in Turin to translate the lyrics of the song, teach the correct pronunciation to lead singer Jeffrey Jey, and assist him during the recording session.
After hours of rehearsal and one sleepless night, finally the track was recorded and sent to the filmmakers. The curiosity of fans will be satisfied next month in all Chinese Cinemas.

Now you can find this special version on the Official BlissCo YouTube Channel
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De La Funk Dj set on Italia Network (InMyRadio)

Do you like the house music of De La Funk?
In these days is available on air his djs set on Italia Network (InMyRadio)

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Positive Feedback for Yamppier - “I Wish I Was”

I Wish 320

Yamppier - “I Wish I Was” : likes to dance lovers.
We received many positive comments and congrats for the Italian producer Yamppier.

*Maurizio Santi
Favorite Mix I Wish I Was (Original Extended) - "It's okay, I will look to play it soon".

*Paulo Bento
Favorite Mix I Wish I Was (Original Extended) - "Nice tune!"

*Sherwin Charles
Favorite Mix I Wish I Was (Original Extended) - "Great!"

*Gerrard Dillman
Favorite Mix I Wish I Was (Original Extended) - "Energy is good. Beats are pretty good. Vocals work relatively well with the track. This could use a few more remixes for people to choose from."