Massymax - "Waiting" is online on all the digital stores

Massymax - "Waiting"

We are proud to introduce you another song of the producer Massymax, released by Bliss Corporation on the label The Dominion.

From Today on "Waiting" is available online in every digital store ans streaming service.

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DBKilla - "Mind The Gap" is online on the digital stores and on YouTube

DbKilla - "Mind The Gap"

The second single of DbKilla released by Bliss Corporation is online in every digital store and on YouTube.

Let us know what do you think of this instrumental track, leave a comment under the video and if you like our music subscribe to the channel!

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Read the EPK to be updated with feedback and the latest news about "Mind The Gap" ▸EPK

Meteorite, the single of Alessandro Costa & Stratodasser feat. Mario is OUT NOW

Keep Calm, the wait is over!
METEORITE the new single of Alessandro Costa & Stratodasser feat. MARIO is online on every digital store. 

Listen to the streaming on SPOTIFY and grab your copy on ITUNES.

The song is available in its original version and with the remix made by Shimo, which is dancefloor oriented.