New release of Massymax "Capital"

Capital 900

Do not found the new release of MassyMax "CAPITAL" !!!

Listen on SoundCloud!

Watch the video on Youtube!


If you ike it is available onBeatportPro and ITunes !

Do not miss "Disco Bordello" of Yamppier & Felav

Disco Bordello 1200

Do not found the new release "Disco Bordello" of Yamppier & Felav.

Watch now the video on Youtube!

Listen now on SoundCLoud!


If you like it is available on Beatport Pro and ITunes.

Summer Flute on air on RADIO VERONICA ONE

"Summer Flute", the latest production of Yamppier & Felav and sung by Giulia Finotti, this week will be on air on Radio Veronica One.

Tomorrow afternoon, Saturday 31st of October the producers will be guest during "Il Pomeriggio Più Forte di Italia" with Sergio Flash.

Listen to the preview on YouTube and if you like the song buy it on Itunes

On air on DISCO RADIO! discoradio