Are you ready for "CHAPEAU", the first release of METT with us!

chapeau 900

"Chapeau", the first release of Mett with Bliss Corporation is finally online, available on Youtube and on the digital stores.

Watch the art track video on the BlissCo YouTube Official Channel and let us know what do you think of it!

If you like it grab yout copy on Itunes or on Beatport Pro


This is the video of WE GOT LOVE, the latest single of Castyel

It's online now the "We Got Love", the official videoclip of the latest single of Castyel.

The video was shooted in Turin in the University Campus and in the BlissCo studios. The director is Maurizio Ghiotti who has already realized other videos for BlissCo, among them "Feel Alive" of Castyel and the latest videos of dARI.

Here for you the video, and if you like comment and share it.

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Don't miss "The Keys" the latest release of Maurizio Basilotta!!

The Keys 1200

Don't miss "THE KEYS" the latest release of Maurizio Basilotta!

Listen now on SoundCloud!

Watch the video on youtube!

Soon available in online stores!