Out Now! Max Gabani - “No Turning Back” feat. Martin IKEIDA.

OUT NOW!!! Max Gabani - “No Turning Back” feat. Martin IKEIDA

Artist: Max Gabani
Single: No Turning Back (Feat. Martin Ikeida)
Label: Blisscorporation /The Dominion Release Date: 2013 October
Genre: Progressive/Electro House

1. No Turning Back [Extended]
2. No Turning Back [Radio Edit]

 Out now "NO TURNING BACK", the first electro house single that the Italian producer Max Gabani released in collaboration with Martin IKEIDA on The Dominion, a division of Bliss Corporation.

“No Turning Back” is already available with its Extended and Radio versions on the usual online shops.

This song is born from the desire to express an ephemeral concept, deliberately light but at the same time dense of emotionality, following the common thread that binds rock & roll to new wave of the 80s and to today's pop, dragging it through time by using electronic sounds.

This single is sung by Martin IKEIDA; a singer with a particular vocal expression already known for other BlissCo’s projects.

“No Turning Back” is also a Lyric Video, available on the BlissCo YouTube Channel, in its “ON A SPOTLIGHT” playlist http://youtu.be/1XPq5eBUzSQ

This single is a good example of the current electro house, comfortable both for a radio listening and for the dancefloor.

Max Gabani is an EDM artist, composer and lyricist. Designer by profession, always passionate musician. After a long journey bound to pop and rock genres, he decided to step into the electronic search that leads him to experiment Electro & Progressive House compositions, with the intent to transfer into the new language atmospheres and feelings common to all contemporary music.
Convinced that the more difficult target to achieve for those who try to make music is "being commercial" as the ability to intercept and sometimes anticipate the widely spread mood.
In his second meet with the music industry, he entrusts to the amazing voice of Martin Ikeida its new single.

Martin IKEIDA Spontaneity. The name says it all. Ikeida is the new rising star at House international pop. His goal? Bring peace to the world with his music and give positive vibrations.